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JUL, 2024

Collaboration Agreement with Canal de Isabel II

We are pleased to announce that Canal de Isabel II has signed a collaboration agreement with us for the construction of an experimental plant at the Arroyo del Soto treatment plant in Móstoles. This plant, with a capacity of 100,000 L/h, will allow us to test our innovative technology for the removal of microplastics from wastewater.

Our technology has demonstrated the ability to remove up to 90% of microplastics in small-scale trials. This pioneering project in Spain is a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, and we are excited to lead this initiative.

Thank you to Canal de Isabel II for their trust and collaboration in this crucial mission to protect our ecosystems.


JUN, 2024

We are in the news in La Razón!

Our CEO, Ismael Olmedo Cano, spoke with journalist Rosa Carvajal to explain how our technology for quantifying, identifying, and eliminating #microplásticos was developed and how it works.

Ismael also discussed our upcoming projects and our growth forecast for the near future.

JUN, 2024

Article in the Environmental Health Journal

We are sharing the article we published in the Environmental Health magazine titled “Universal Treatment Against Microplastics,” where we explain how our technology works and the importance of applying it in wastewater treatment plants, which are the main element capable of controlling and reducing the presence of #microplastics in rivers and subsequently in oceans.

The article also discusses the results obtained in a case study based on the quantification of microplastics in real water samples.


JUN, 2024

Interview on PATIO Campus

We were interviewed by South Summit for PATIO Campus, an innovation and sustainability campus aiming to become a meeting point for the innovation ecosystem. Here is the link to listen to our colleague Raquel Parra Sánchez.

JUN, 2024

XXXVII AEAS Congress - Castellón

Our colleague Amparo Fernández Benito gave a talk on the challenges in analyzing and recovering microplastics in WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants).

In her presentation, Amparo emphasized the problem posed by the presence of this contaminant in WWTPs and also discussed the need for a good method of quantifying microplastics in complex matrices such as wastewater treatment plants.


MAY, 2024

Captoplastic Introduces New CEO

With the new leadership of Ismael Olmedo Cano as CEO, Captoplastic embarks on a new phase full of projects.

💧 In 2024, the mass production of Captolab, our autonomous microplastics quantification device, will take place.

💧 Captodrink, a device that enables the capture and concentration of microplastics in drinking water, will also be launched.

💧 Additionally, in 2025, a new microplastics capture plant with increased capacity will be operational.

💧 And Captonline, an automatic control device that allows for the quantification of microplastics directly from effluents, will also be launched


MAY, 2024


EmprendeXXI Award to the start-up with the greatest potential in Madrid, awarded by CaixaBank through Dayone. 

Captoplastic has received the EmprendeXXI award, which has established itself as a benchmark award for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, both at the national and regional levels. The project has been selected from 170 applications submitted in the Community of Madrid.

Plastic Fantastic

ABRIL, 2024

Plastic Fantastic Hackathon

We have been winners in the Plastic Fantastic Hackathon organized by REMEDIES.

Among the 15 finalists, we have been winners along with BioFlocean from Turkey; BioRise from Greece; and Droplinet from Estonia

Maesdtros del agua

MARZO, 2024

The Masters of Water

We attended ‘The Masters of Water’, organized by Tecnoaqua – water distribution and purification, and IndustriAmbiente. The event took place in an incomparable setting: the Aquarium of Seville, where experts in water-related matters in our country gathered to reflect on and analyze the challenges faced by the sector.

Captoplastic-Financial TImes



Selected as 1 of the 13 most important start-ups in the water sector by Sifted magazine (Financial Times).




As part of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona 2024 celebration, we gathered 35 women at Forbes Women who stand out in the technology sector and whom it is worth keeping an eye on this year.




Join us on Tuesday, November 7th at 10 a.m. in Room G of the Rectorate of the Autonomous University of Madrid! CAPTOPLASTIC officially presents CAPTOLAB, an innovative Microplastics Control technology. Discover how CAPTOLAB provides precise and fast measurements of microplastics in any water sample, autonomously and cost-effectively.

Captoplastic-Entrevista CincoDias



A startup develops technology capable of trapping microplastics in aquatic environments.

Captoplastic-Cadena Ser

JUNIO, 2023


A Madrid-based startup develops an innovative system to remove microplastics from water


MARZO, 2022


Watch the exclusive interview with Raquel Parra from Captoplastic, a startup dedicated to the removal of microplastics from natural environments. Learn how they won the Global eAwards for their innovative technology to eliminate microplastics in aquatic environments. Explore how they tackle the problem at its roots to eradicate it completely.

Captoplastic-Premio 2021


NTT Data Foundation Global eAwards 2021

Captoplastic, a Spanish project, wins the 2021 Global eAwards by NTT DATA FOUNDATION! Developing an innovative technology to remove microplastics in aquatic environments, it was selected among 1560 projects from 10 countries.

Captoplastic_Onda Cero



Listen to the interview we had on Onda Cero.

Spanish company develops pioneering technology to remove microplastics from water.

Granted by CDTI

Captoplastic S.L has obtained funding for the CaptH20PlasticDemo project - S-2020/L1-633 through grants co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the development of innovative young technology-based companies (start-ups) and highly innovative SMEs, within the framework of the regional research and innovation strategy for smart specialization (RIS3), under the FEDER operational program of the Community of Madrid for the period 2014-2020.

Captoplastic S.L. has obtained funding aimed at financing projects that have received a Seal of Excellence within the European Innovation Council Accelerator Program (EIC Accelerator, including the pilot phase), under the Horizon Europe program to promote business investment in R&D+i.

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