CAPTOPLASTIC, S.L technology can be implemented in different facilities like wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, water bottling plant, plastic industry WWTPs, textile dyeing WWTPs,  recycling plants, remove textile fibres in water, the personal care industry , etc.

Waste water treatment plants

At Captoplastic, through our capture and control microplastics tech, we offers a breakthrough approach in mitigating microplastic contamination for urban and industrial WWTPs, safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainability.

Drinking water treatment plants

Captoplastic has developed a specific solution to efficiently control and remove MPs from drinking water. The system concentrates MPs, ensuring a clean water flow, and facilitates the identification of the collected polymers.

Textile dyeing WWTP

Captoplastic's cutting-edge technology is integrated seamlessly into washing machine systems, capturing and trapping microfibres before they can enter the wastewater stream. This effective system process ensures that the released microfibres are contained and properly managed, preventing their entry into the environment and safeguarding aquatic ecosystems

Plastic Industry WWTP

Captoplastic’s innovative technology offers the plastic industry an effective solution to control and capture microplastic discharge, mitigating environmental impact. Our approach aligns seamlessly with the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) programme, targeting zero plastic loss. From plastic producers to processors and transporters, our solution aids the entire industry chain in achieving zero microplastic discharge (pellets, powder, or flakes).

Granted by CDTI

Captoplastic S.L has obtained funding for the CaptH20PlasticDemo project - S-2020/L1-633 through grants co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the development of innovative young technology-based companies (start-ups) and highly innovative SMEs, within the framework of the regional research and innovation strategy for smart specialization (RIS3), under the FEDER operational program of the Community of Madrid for the period 2014-2020.

Captoplastic S.L. has obtained funding aimed at financing projects that have received a Seal of Excellence within the European Innovation Council Accelerator Program (EIC Accelerator, including the pilot phase), under the Horizon Europe program to promote business investment in R&D+i.

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