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Continuous Capture System

Our continuous capture technology offers a highly effective solution for removing microplastics from various water streams and matrices without disturbing the natural state of the water. It seamlessly integrates into existing controlled water streams, providing a flexible, cost-effective solution aimed at achieving the goal of ZERO WASTE.

This technology is based on the agglomeration technique, where a collector is introduced into the water stream. This collector forms aggregates with the microplastics present, which are then separated from the system, leaving the water stream free of them. This process is carried out continuously and can handle large water flow rates efficiently.

  •  Flexible for any water stream & Harmless Technology.
  • Capturer re-used over and over again. MPs can be revalorised. ZERO WASTE Technology.
  • High MPs Recovery Efficiency > 90%.
  • Competitive Price. Low CAPEX & OPEX.



Implementing our capture technology, at Captoplastic we have designed different pilot plants that can treat flow rates of 3000 L/h and 5000 L/h.
As a service, we offer the option of bringing our pilot plants to the facility to conduct a demonstration of the technology. This includes analysis of water at the inlet and outlet of the pilot plant to demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology, and to provide information on microplastic contamination in the effluents under study.

Project execution method:

1. Initial analysis of microplastic concentration in the client’s water to understand the problem and the advantages of our technology. 

2. Demonstration test with pilot plant and conceptual engineering study to evaluate performance and operating costs.

3. Basic/detailed engineering and plant manufacturing, designing the equipment and building the capture module.

4. Commissioning at the client’s facilities with expert supervision, including staff training.

5. After-sales service: technical support and supply of consumables to ensure continuous operation of the plant.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration and discover how our technology can help you combat microplastic pollution in your waters!

Products under development

At Captoplastic, we are committed to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. That’s why we are developing new plants able to handle large-scale water flow rates. We are scaling up our technology to meet the needs of all facilities requiring large-scale water treatment.

Currently, we are in the process of developing pilot plants with treatment capacities of 100,000 L/h and 1,250,000 L/h. We are optimising our plants to make them more efficient, effective, and sustainable. With our scalable microplastic capture technology, rest assured that we are at the forefront of the fight against microplastic pollution, providing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

100,000 L/h plant
1,250,000 L/h plant

Join us on this exciting journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future!


Microplastic Quantification and Identification


Expanding the Possibilities

Granted by CDTI

Captoplastic S.L has obtained funding for the CaptH20PlasticDemo project - S-2020/L1-633 through grants co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the development of innovative young technology-based companies (start-ups) and highly innovative SMEs, within the framework of the regional research and innovation strategy for smart specialization (RIS3), under the FEDER operational program of the Community of Madrid for the period 2014-2020.

Captoplastic S.L. has obtained funding aimed at financing projects that have received a Seal of Excellence within the European Innovation Council Accelerator Program (EIC Accelerator, including the pilot phase), under the Horizon Europe program to promote business investment in R&D+i.

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