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Expanding Possibilities Beyond Microplastic Control and Capture Products

At Captoplastic, we understand that each client has unique needs, and fighting microplastic pollution requires varied and flexible approaches. Therefore, in addition to our cutting-edge control and capture products, we offer a range of additional services designed to adapt to different situations and objectives.


Interested in bringing our technology to new markets?

We offer the opportunity to license our patents to third parties focused on expanding our technology in different parts of the world. This option provides the possibility to collaborate with strategic partners who can effectively and profitably implement our technology in their respective markets.


Looking for a customized solution tailored specifically to your needs and local markets?

We offer the possibility of collaborating on joint technology development. Through collaboration agreements, our clients can work closely with us to adapt and modify our technology, enabling its introduction into new markets collaboratively. This option provides a unique opportunity to leverage our expertise and technical knowledge through a collaborative, personalised approach.


Microplastic Quantification and Identification


Continuous Capture System

Granted by CDTI

Captoplastic S.L has obtained funding for the CaptH20PlasticDemo project - S-2020/L1-633 through grants co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for the development of innovative young technology-based companies (start-ups) and highly innovative SMEs, within the framework of the regional research and innovation strategy for smart specialization (RIS3), under the FEDER operational program of the Community of Madrid for the period 2014-2020.

Captoplastic S.L. has obtained funding aimed at financing projects that have received a Seal of Excellence within the European Innovation Council Accelerator Program (EIC Accelerator, including the pilot phase), under the Horizon Europe program to promote business investment in R&D+i.

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